American Advertising Federation Deck 

Adobe Experience Cloud 

To prepare for the American Advertising Federation Competition, a team of four and I collected and analyzed all research and insights to create a suggested strategy for a B2B campaign for Adobe's programmatic advertising solution, Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising.

National Retail Federation Competition Entry 

Akola Jewelry 

As part of an intense three week course, three students and I designed and pitched an innovative product line of convertible accessories for the jewelry brand Akola.

At this time, Akola was mainly selling online and was looking to expand to a rick and mortar retailer.

We were tasked with selecting a proposed retailer, developing the new product line, and creating a pitch deck to present to buyers at the chosen retailer.

360 Experiential Campaign 


During 360 Experiential Campaigns, we were tasked with creating an event for a brand of our choosing.

Working in groups of four, we put together a deck explaining a proposed campaign for Colourpop's sister brand, SolBody. As a team we devised a plan to increase brand awareness, as the brand is decidedly less popular than their sister brand, Colourpop.

March Marketing Campaign

Veterans Florida 

March Marketing assigned my team and I to develop a new business pitch for the Veterans Florida Campaign that motivates transitioning military service members, veterans, and their families to move to Florida as employees and business owners.

360 Advertising Campaign  

UpTime Energy 

In an advertising workshop course we were asked to choose a brand, research it, and create a 360 campaign to promote their product. We settled on UpTime, a natural energy drink, and focused on promoting awareness for their product in such a saturated market. 

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