I am a self taught painter and advertising enthusiant currently living in Oak Park.  

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2020 where I received a bachelor's degree in advertising with a focus in strategy and a minor in fashion business.


Using the learned analysis skills from my major in combination with my personal endeavors in French, fashion, and art; I work with brands to bring their advertising digitally forward by using research to deliver innovative brand insights and creative strategies. 

Often, I am drawn to small businesses in disruptive industries such as tech, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle with a focus on sustainability. Thus far I have had particular experience with Chicago based startups DRYV, Energy: Made With Intention, HENRŸIA, and Leaf Guides LLC.  

My interests extend into my artwork through my use of nontechnical painting techniques especially focusing on reduced lines and skewed proportions as a means of exploring form, and in particular the human form.

Furthermore, in an effort to reduce art waste, I make it a point to use reclaimed wood or cardboard as canvas and to make use of sustainable or reused materials while working. 

Now, you can explore my paintings, artwork, and other creations that are available for purchase through my site here. I am also open for commission work and often do direct sales through Instagram. 

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